Saturday, July 7, 2007

Memoirs from IIM-A

Background : I am here to attend a Corporate Education programme at IIM-A ( organized in association with Duke Fuqua Business School, United States)

Today's session was about exploring the possibilities. Understanding the various environments we operate in and how to identify trends. Marty Anderson - an amazing prof. from Duke - with domain expertize in Business innovation ,process re-engineering and High tech; took us through the 'brief history of economic trends" development and how it is going to change our future?

Some food for thought :
  • What economic power can 2.6 billion people have over remaining 4.0 billion people?
  • What will happen, if china decides to send 300 million people from 'mainland' to the 'African' continent?
  • How will a wireless ( Mobile handheld) change the way we live, in not so distant future?
  • Can "electricity" solve problem of 'world peace'?
  • What is common amongst 'Grameen Phone" , Google , Apple , Ebay,Amazon ?
I personally feel ( since innovation is my area of interest) that it is absolutely critical for us to acknowledge that we are at the 'cusp of global shift'. Never before( in the known history of human civilization ) has technology and innovation played such an important and accelerating role in transforming the way we live.
Think again :
  • I-Pod from Apple has redefined the music industry( is it high tech-I doubt!), but what is powerful is the entire business proposition based around a single concept' that people no longer want to buy music albums, they want to buy songs' hence give them the option to combine their own 'playlist'
  • The worlds biggest library is just a click away ( or better still Google it);
  • Grameen Phone  has changed the way we perceive communication companies.
  • , Bill me etc are changing the way we 'lend' or 'borrow'.
  • Mobile phone penetration across globe is 3.6 billion;can it change the way money moves?we are already seeing huge progress in M-commerce.
  • Blogging - who needs a newspaper, publisher or editor; the future of embedded thinking.
more on this later.. the dinner was announced 20 minutes ago.

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