Saturday, April 11, 2009

Find your 'ELEMENT' : Sir Ken Robinson

Michelangelo once said “I did not create David, I merely discovered him. He was there within the stone, all I did was to chip-off parts which were not David”. So true, this statement clearly defines the role of parents, teachers and business leaders. Our job is to help discover the true talent by providing the right environment.

Sir Ken Robinson, a world renowned educationist and creative thinker, outlines the same in his excellent book: The Element: How Finding your Passion Changes Everything.
Here in this video-talk, Sir Ken, in his trademark humor, talks about the book and the need to find one's passion.
Don’t miss it.


Ajay Narang said...

Gauarv, great video..I also liked your post on the profit vs MKt Share...I think we both know what you mean by that!! keep me posted

Justice said...

Hi, I am so glad I finally located other ‘fans’ of Sir Ken Robinson and his ideas. I used to be a machine operator in the engineering industry the in north of England. That was 25 years ago. Since that time, I have been to university, got two degrees to help me teach my language, and have taught English in 7 different countries. I have two books published, had a plethora of other stuff published, and a ton of writing unpublished or on blogs. At school, my ability to write was encouraged, but of course, coming from a working class family, i had to get an apprenticeship – writing had to wait. Think how fortunate I am to find myself ‘in the zone’, doing what I love – writing.

Sir Ken is absolutely right about education – we need to throw out the Gradgrind model and infuse our youngsters with our own enthusiasm.
Many, many thanks
Rob Fielding