Thursday, July 24, 2008

Ask Questions?

Ask the question, play the fool. Don't ask the question, stay the fool.

In today’s world, the old ways of doing business no longer produce the results nor provide the value they once did. Organisations are constantly faced with having to find new and better ways of operating. Consequently, one of the top challenges that leaders face is that of enhancing creativity within themselves and within others.

In taking on this challenge we must first comprehend the intimacy of the relationship between creativity and thinking. Our ability to be creative depends upon our capacity to think, which in turn depends upon our ability to question not only our practices, but also our beliefs and assumptions. We must learn to question the limits of our thinking. It is through this manner of questioning that we are able to rethink our thinking. Thus, the quality of our questions determines the quality of our creativity.

Have you noticed how creative people are the ones asking questions?
  • Lots of people saw apples fall. Sir Issac Newton asked why and explained gravity.
  • Lots of people wanted instant photos. Edwin land asked how and invented Polaroid cameras.
  • Lots of people wanted fast shipping.Fred Smith asked when as started FedEx.
The single most important element in an innovative company is the creativity of their people. Creative thinkers don’t win by conforming to a given set of rules. Rather they reinvent the game by asking the challenging questions .
How often do you ask HOW ? WHEN ? WHY?

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