Tuesday, August 26, 2008

'Lose the Battle to Win the War'

A wonderful story - in Corporate Dossier, Economic Times, 22 August 2008 . 

A learned sage was in the middle of a very narrow bridge when he saw a powerful king approaching from the other side.
“Please turn around,” said Shakti-muni, “So that I may pass.”
“No, you turn around,” thundered the king, “So that I may pass.”
“But I stepped on the bridge first.”
“Yes, but I can push you back.”

“That’s not fair. Know that I am a teacher, a priest and the most respected philosopher in the land. Hence, I must be given the first right of passage.” Argued the sage

The king sneered, “I built the school you teach. I pay for the rituals you perform. Without me as patron, you would not be able to indulge in philosophy. So you must give me the first right of passage.”

So the arguments continued, each one refusing to give way to the other, each one justifying why the other should turn back. Finally, the king raised his whip and struck the sage. Furious, the sage cursed the king, “You have behaved like a demon, so may you turn into one.” Instantly, the king turned into a demon – a man-eating demon. He pounced on the sage, opened his mouth wide and ate him whole.

What mattered more – crossing the bridge or crossing the bridge first? ......read more here

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