Sunday, October 26, 2008

Is it still a logo ? if it changes everyday

I asked a simple question to some of my friends in Branding,Marketing,and Advertisement -" Why is a company Logo important?and if it changes everyday-Is it still a logo?.
I was frowned upon at first and then in a very kotleresque manner was doused with marketing gyan; some obvious answers..

  • A good and unique logo is the first step to achieve brand recognition;
  • It shows what the company is about and it attracts people and is a good marketing tool to market the product;
  • A companies advertising and promotional efforts should be centered around brand image. A logo represents that image without saying anything. Its an extension of the brand and should merit its qualities; etc

Well I don't' disagree with the marketing and traditional views, but was wondering :-" Do we place too much importance on a Logo?". Google is a company that changes its logo almost everyday, and still is one of the most popular brands.

My quest led me to an interesting old post by Doug Edwards -director of consumer marketing and brand management for Google 1999-2005.

I will be happy to hear from readers what they think about this.....

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