Sunday, July 20, 2008

Idea Spotting

Sam Harrison is his book IdeaSpotting makes a very important distinction between 'data-based insights' and 'exploration based creativity'.
He states that there is nothing wrong with backbone data or raw statistics. They are fine as far as they go. The problem is they do not go far enough.
To spot ideas, one need insights. Lots of them. Because Ideas aren't spotted in forms. They are spotted in sights- those revelatory insights seized only when you roam new turfs, meet new people and have new experiences.
  • Light bulbs weren't invented by exploring candles.
  • Iron ships weren't made by exploring wood boats.
  • Skyscrapers weren't designed by exploring bungalows.
  • Cell Phones weren't conceived by exploring landlines.

To get past what's stifling you, Move beyond what's staring you in the face.

Indeed one of the best books on Innovation and creativity that I have read recently....Highly recommended!

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