Friday, October 17, 2008

Do Schools kill creativity?

Sir Ken Robinson in his Out of our minds asks the same question.
"Throughout the world, companies and organizations are trying to compete in a world of economic and technological change that is moving faster than ever. They urgently need people who are creative, innovative and flexible. Too often they can't find them. Why not, and what should be done about it? Why is it essential to promote creativity? Organizations everywhere are concerned as never before with promoting creativity and innovation. Why is this so important? What's the problem? Why do so many adults think they're not very creative (and not very intelligent)? How do we lose the confidence to be creative? What should be done? Is everyone creative or just a select few? Can creativity be developed? If so, how? "
I remember an old quote by Picasso “All children are born artists, the problem is to remain an artist as we grow up.” Children often have extraordinary capacity when they are young, the problem is they start squandering it when they grow up.

Hence the question : Do schools kill creativity ? As we grow-Do we educate out of creativity? Many a times people change careers(stream) in schools, because the thing that they were good at was stigmatized.
Do we in our ecosystem( schools, communities, organisations) do the same?

Have we created an environment wherein it is uncomfortable to be different; not okay to fail or make a mistake.This straight jacket approach of living is depriving us of the immense possibilities (many a Picasso, DaVinci,Beethoven are getting lost in this one way traffic ).
Think about it....

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